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February 2017

Slow Page Loads
All clear! Page load times are back where they should be, we're closing this one out. Sorry for the trouble!
Feb 16, 13:40-13:53 EST
Database Restart
Now we're all set. Apologies for the brief interruption! It should have only lasted for about 30 seconds.
Feb 11, 09:35-09:37 EST
[Scheduled] [Scheduled] Database Maintenance
Maintenance has been completed. Happy Saturday!
Feb 11, 08:21-09:04 EST

January 2017

Slow page loads
All clear! Page load times are back where they should be, we're closing this one out. Sorry for the Friday trouble!
Jan 13, 12:38-12:58 EST

December 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

November 2016

Help desk API issues
We're back in business after experiencing roughly 8 minutes of API downtime, between 12:23 PM EDT and 12:31 PM EDT. We’re still investigating the root cause and will add a post-mortem if any changes need to be made. Folder counts, previews, and workflows are all back on track.
Nov 17, 12:25-12:47 EST

October 2016

Inbound Email Delay
Email queues are just about empty, so we're closing this one out. Apologies for the Friday morning trouble!
Oct 28, 12:50-13:30 EST
500 Errors
This was a mistake on our end folks, we had an issue with a deployment. Help Scout was down for about 2 minutes as a result. Apologies for the trouble!
Oct 12, 10:13-10:21 EST

September 2016

Search Issues
All folder content, folder counts, message previews, and search results should be caught-up and accurate within 10 minutes. We're in the clear, so we're closing this one out. Apologies for the Monday morning troubles!
Sep 19, 12:05-12:35 EST

August 2016

Connection Issues
And we're back. We reverted an update which did not go to plan, bringing the help desk down for roughly two minutes. Everything is now running smoothly, apologies for the trouble!
Aug 16, 12:32-12:36 EST
Slow page loads
All clear! Page load times are back where they should be, we're closing this one out.
Aug 16, 10:21-10:26 EST
Help desk API issues
All services, including the help desk API, are now back to normal. At 6:04pm EDT, we deployed a few performance improvements, which did not go to plan. While the web app was not impacted, it brought the public help desk API down for 10 minutes. We were able to revert the build successfully and re-deploy it. Everything is now running smoothly, apologies for the trouble!
Aug 15, 18:11-18:29 EST
Slow Page Loads
All services are up and running smoothly as they should be. We're closing this out, but will keep a close eye on performance over the next few hours.
Aug 8, 10:48-11:42 EST
Connectivity issues
Slow page load times and performance issues have been resolved. We'll continue to monitor systems closely over the next few hours. Very sorry for the Saturday morning trouble!
Aug 6, 13:28-13:54 EST
[Scheduled] Database Maintenance
Tonight's maintenance is complete. We’re closing this out!
Aug 3, 00:04-03:21 EST
403 error visible to customers
Should be all set now, we had a problem deploying a new build. So sorry about the interruption!
Aug 1, 12:48-12:50 EST
Slow page loads
Slow page load times and performance issues have been resolved. We'll continue to monitor systems closely over the next few hours. Very sorry for the trouble this morning!
Aug 1, 10:26-11:04 EST

July 2016

Connection issues
We're back in business after experiencing slow page load times and roughly 5 minutes of downtime, between 11:51 AM EDT and 12:08 PM EDT. We’re still investigating the root cause and will add a post-mortem if any changes need to be made.
Jul 19, 11:55-12:41 EST
Specific pages not loading
All pages are loading normally, closing this out.
Jul 7, 18:40-18:48 EST
Workflows, folder counts, message preview delays
Folder counts and message previews are back to normal. We're still waiting for workflows to catch-up, but we should be in the clear very soon. We're closing this one out, sorry for the trouble tonight!
Jul 7, 00:35-03:58 EST

June 2016

Slow Page Loads
Help Scout has been stable since 12:20pm EDT and should stay that way. We ran into trouble with new caching infrastructure deployed over a week ago and are making a few changes to prevent these issues moving forward.
Jun 27, 09:38-13:32 EST
Folder counts and workflows slightly delayed
This morning between roughly 6:55 - 7:28am EDT, our queues that update a few in-app functions were delayed by several minutes. There was no impact on inbound/outbound email or page performance, but you may have seen folder counts out of sync or workflows delayed. We're all set now, apologies for the brief delay!
Jun 16, 06:56-07:30 EST
Connection Issues
This morning around 9:45am EDT, we started seeing slow page load times across the web app. We’re still investigating the cause of today's sluggishness, and will post a follow-up with more information as soon as possible. At roughly 10:15am EDT, all services returned to normal.
Jun 15, 09:48-10:33 EST
Slow Page Loads
This morning around 10:45am EDT, we started seeing slow page load times across the web app. We’re still digging in to the root cause, and will post a follow-up with more information as soon as possible. At roughly 11:30am EDT, all services were back to normal. Very sorry for the trouble today!
Jun 6, 11:03-12:14 EST

May 2016

Web App Connection Timeouts
This morning around 10:30am EDT, the Help Scout web application experienced sporadic connection failures, resulting in long page load times, and in some cases, pages failing to load at all. The off-and-on nature of this issue resulted in roughly 8 minutes of downtime. ​ At roughly 11:00am EDT, all services were back to normal and all queued messages were pushed into Help Scout. Very sorry for the trouble today!
May 20, 10:38-12:14 EST
[Scheduled] Service updates (no expected downtime)
We're all done folks! Our maintenance tasks were completed without any issues. Thanks
May 4, 01:01-02:22 EST
Connection errors (continued)
Today Help Scout was down between 10:51 and 11:06am EDT. The root cause of the problem was an infrastructure upgrade that didn't go according to plan. It took about 10 minutes to rollback the updates and get everything back to full health. It's not our policy to make changes with any risk during normal business hours, but this was a mistake on our side plain and simple. Very sorry for the interruption today, we'll take every possible measure to prevent an upgrade like this from impacting your experience in the future.
May 3, 12:06-12:22 EST
Connection Errors
We're still bringing systems back up and seeing connection errors, should be in the clear in a few minutes.
May 3, 11:52-12:03 EST

April 2016

Follow-up from yesterday
This afternoon around 3:30pm EDT, we'll be re-processing messages accepted by Help Scout between 5-8pm EDT on April 21. Our investigation showed that a number of messages were not delivered in this window, which is why we're going to re-process them. Although we do have logic to detect and remove duplicates, there is a small possibility you will see duplicate messages come in. We want to make sure no conversations go missing, so we're willing to accept a small percentage of duplicates. While these messages will be delayed, we are very pleased to tell you that it doesn't seem any data was lost. With regard to outbound email, we believe everything was processed properly and as expected once we turned outbound email systems back on last night. Lastly, whenever conversations are created or updated in Help Scout, a series of events run in order to send notifications and run other automated tasks. In some cases, those events did not run, which may have resulted in odd/inaccurate folder counts in Help Scout today. To resolve this, we're kicking off a full re-index of all activity in the last 24 hours. That should clear everything up from the 21st. To read about the steps we are and have already taken to prevent this sort of thing in the future, see the postmortem here- Have a great weekend!
Apr 22, 15:25 EST
Connection Issues
All queued messages have been processed and inbound/outbound delivery is back on track. We're still searching all backups for any data that was not processed and will add anything we find. Once the investigation is completed, we'll publish a postmortem with full details. So sorry for the email processing delay today!
Apr 21, 17:09-21:07 EST
Search indexes down
The update that caused the issue has been rolled back, and reports, folder views, Docs search, and help desk search are all functional again.
Apr 11, 14:34-14:42 EST

March 2016

Slow Page Loads
Slow page load times and performance issues have been resolved. We'll continue to monitor systems closely over the next few hours. Very sorry for the trouble this morning!
Mar 15, 11:24-11:50 EST
Connection Errors
Apologies for the Monday morning trouble, folks! We experienced sporadic connection failures this morning for roughly 15 minutes. The culprit was internal logging infrastructure, which is designed to fail silently in these cases, but still impacted production systems. We'll work hard to prevent this particular error from happening again.
Mar 14, 10:00-10:56 EST

February 2016

[Scheduled] [Scheduled] Database Restart
Maintenance is all set and we're back as planned!
Feb 26, 22:00-22:02 EST
Slow Page Loads
Page loads are speedy and everything looks good on our end. We're closing this out. Sorry about the trouble today!
Feb 24, 10:20-10:52 EST
Elevated Connection Errors
After carefully validating all systems, we believe this to be resolved. All Ops team members will continue monitoring everything for the next several hours, but we have fingers crossed that we're in the clear. A postmortem will be coming within 24 hours or so.
Feb 5, 08:35-14:10 EST
Elevated Connection Errors
We're resolving this incident and will follow-up with a postmortem at some point in the next 24 hours.
Feb 5, 07:27-08:20 EST
Web App Connection Issues
We've got the all clear on this end and will follow-up with a postmortem in the next 24 hours.
Feb 1, 11:38-12:38 EST

January 2016

User Interface Lag for Sent Messages
The issue has been resolved and the user interface should be working properly.
Jan 26, 09:26-10:11 EST
Two API endpoints are having issues
We've cleared up the issues. The Create and Update Customer endpoints in the Help Scout API are now working properly again. Sorry about the trouble!
Jan 12, 08:55-09:21 EST

December 2015

Individual conversations not loading
The update has been rolled back and conversations are loading again. Inbound and outbound messages were paused for about 25 minutes during this incident, and will be catching up now. We're very sorry for this disruption in your day. We know you rely on Help Scout to run your business, and we'll be looking into what caused this problem before sending out an update again.
Dec 3, 11:36-11:48 EST

November 2015

[Scheduled] [Scheduled] Database Maintenance
We're in the clear! Have a great Sunday. :-)
Nov 8, 02:00-02:35 EST

October 2015

Server Error Impacting Performance
We're closing this out, as all services are up and running without error. Performance was degraded for roughly 1 minute. Sorry about the trouble today!
Oct 28, 13:36-14:15 EST
Docs Connection Errors
We're marking this issue resolved. Docs sites were down for a total of about 18 minutes.
Oct 28, 12:37-13:24 EST
Inbound Emails Delayed
All email processing services are working as they should, we're closing this one out. We'll have more to share after we've had some time to investigate the root cause. Sorry for the trouble tonight!
Oct 1, 21:59 - Oct 2, 00:09 EST
Server Error Impacting Performance
Everything looks good on our end, but we're keeping a close eye on things behind the scenes. We'll have more to share about what happened once we've had some time to really investigate. Very sorry about the hassle this morning!
Oct 1, 07:46-08:12 EST

September 2015

Inbound Email Delayed
We've cleared up the problem and inbound email is back to normal. Apologies for the trouble this morning!
Sep 14, 10:23-10:39 EST
Delayed messages update
We continued to see sporadic email delivery failures up to 2pm EST today and finally narrowed the problem to a single server and took it offline. All delayed emails will finish being processed in the next 40 minutes, no data lost. We're going to follow-up with a much longer postmortem in the next hour, but wanted to send along an update!
Sep 10, 18:22 EST
Delayed inbound email
Inbound processing is back to normal. Let us know if you run into any additional problems!
Sep 9, 17:55-19:08 EST

August 2015

AWS Cloudfront issue in the UK
AWS Cloudfront is back up and running for all UK customers.
Aug 24, 07:56-13:08 EST
[Scheduled] Database Maintenance
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Aug 23, 08:00-08:30 EST
Email delays and degraded performance
We're good to go! Queues are processing items as they should be without delay. Message previews, folder counts, workflows, and email delivery are all back on track. The initial backup started around 1:10pm EST, and it took us a few hours to get things sorted. Sorry for the trouble this afternoon!
Aug 18, 14:21-16:34 EST
Connection Issues
We're in the clear and closing this out. We'll have more to share tomorrow after we dig in and figure out what went wrong. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for hanging with us!
Aug 17, 20:57-21:42 EST
Amazon S3 connection errors
All connections remain stable, so we're resolving this incident.
Aug 10, 15:10-17:39 EST
Incoming Emails Delayed
All incoming emails have now been processed and we're back to full speed.
Aug 10, 05:08-06:40 EST

July 2015

Server Error Impacting Customers
Sorry about the trouble today! All services are back to normal. We'll have more to share about what happened a bit later.
Jul 9, 09:54-13:08 EST

June 2015

Server Errors Impacting Some Customers
Everything is back to normal. We're very sorry for the trouble! We'll update later today with details on what happened, and what we're doing to improve.
Jun 1, 07:51-10:16 EST

May 2015

Internal Server Error Impacting Some Customers
This incident has been resolved.
May 31, 20:35-21:15 EST

April 2015

Slowness for customers on FiOS
We're closing this out for now, as all Help Scout services are up and running without issue. We'll continue to monitor network performance.
Apr 23, 19:17-22:00 EST

March 2015

Reporting data timing out for some customers
Reports data is all clear now, happy Wednesday!
Mar 11, 19:05-19:13 EST
Elevated Connection Errors
We've confirmed the issue and resolved it, very sorry for the interruption today folks!
Mar 7, 17:48-18:07 EST
Conversation pages timing out
Todays issue has been resolved. It impacted roughly 17% of our customer base, which was using a new bit of infrastructure we've been gradually rolling out. We'll follow-up with a complete postmortem today once more information is available.
Mar 6, 08:13-08:43 EST
Brief Database Error
This morning from roughly 5:10-5:20am, there was a database error in Help Scout preventing pages from loading completely. The error was identified and cleared up quickly by the on call engineer, but the status site unfortunately was not updated in the heat of the moment. The code that caused the problem will be fixed today and we'll make sure issues are reported in a more timely manner on this site. So sorry for the trouble this morning!
Mar 4, 07:29 EST

February 2015

Connection issues and degraded performance
Everything is back to normal. We'll follow-up later today with more information on what happened. We're so sorry!
Feb 11, 08:43-10:43 EST
Elevated Connection Timeouts
The web app experienced sporadic timeout errors between roughly 6:04-6:12pm EST. Everything cleared up and stayed that way after that. We think it was a network blip of some kind and were unable to identify any infrastructure issues on our side.
Feb 4, 18:26-19:01 EST

January 2015

[Scheduled] Database maintenance
Database maintenance completed. Help Scout is back online.
Jan 28, 22:08-22:21 EST
Elevated Connection Errors
We're in the clear. We'll have more information to share about what happened in the coming hours. We're really sorry about this!
Jan 6, 08:54-10:50 EST
Elevated Connection Errors
What we know so far is that from 4:30am - 5:50am EST, some pages in Help Scout were generating an "Operation Timed Out" error. We had on call engineers at the time, but no one on our support team was available at that hour, so our communication was not as good as it should have been. We're going to mark the issue resolved for now and start work on a postmortem that will explain everything in greater detail.
Jan 6, 07:19-08:00 EST
Some outgoing emails delayed
All outgoing email is back to normal!
Jan 4, 17:11-20:05 EST

December 2014

Outbound sending delays
We've resolved the root cause of the email backups. We'll have a complete postmortem with more information to share tomorrow. We're still processing a handful of delayed messages, however this should wrap up within the hour. Folder views, folder counts, and workflows should also be up-to-date shortly. On behalf of the whole team, we are sincerely sorry for all of the trouble we've had over the last few hours. Thank you for getting in touch and hanging with us today. We've got some work to do!
Dec 18, 19:19 - Dec 19, 00:45 EST
Elevated page load times
We've resolved an issue with email processing that affected connectivity to the web app. Service has been restored and conversations are being handled as usual. A full postmortem will follow.
Dec 18, 14:35-14:57 EST
Docs Sites showing "Page not Found"
Sites are back, postmortem is coming to explain what happened.
Dec 12, 15:43-15:48 EST
In-app issue
Issue has been resolved and all folders should display properly.
Dec 5, 10:56-11:04 EST

November 2014

Sporadic CDN connectivity issues
We've disabled CDN connections in Help Scout and will turn them back on once Cloudfront issues are resolved.
Nov 26, 19:56-20:14 EST
Elevated page load times
Page load times have returned to normal levels. The issue seems to have been related to a deployment from this morning, which has been reverted. We will continue to monitor this very closely and post any updates here.
Nov 24, 12:17-12:22 EST
[Scheduled] Reporting maintenance
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Nov 2, 09:00-09:45 EST

October 2014

Reports data unavailable
Reports and any other application slowness has been resolved. We'll keep monitoring everything closely and do a post-mortem when we know more.
Oct 30, 16:52-17:02 EST
[Scheduled] Reporting cluster restart
Finished 5 minutes early, reports should be back for everyone!
Oct 27, 14:00-14:14 EST
Two Security Improvements
All systems have been patched to protect you from two recently discovered security exploits, known as Shellshock and POODLE. No action on your end is required!
Oct 16, 17:09 EST
Automated emails sent to a small number of end customers by mistake
On October 2 at roughly 12:30pm EST, the dev team dealt with a routine mail server issue and did a restart. After the restart, they run a script to re-queue incoming emails that were not processed. A single line in the script was out of date, and as a result put messages on the correct queue AND on another queue by mistake. That queue sent roughly 1,500 emails to end customers with an "Unable to process your update" subject line. The "Unable to process your update" email is automated and only sent to Help Scout Users when a problem has been detected with email integration. In this case, it went out to end customers and was a terrible mistake on our side. No data was compromised as a result of this issue. The automated email contains no sensitive information. You can see what the email looks like here- Our dev team is currently adding more automation to this process so the mistake cannot happen again. If this impacted you or your customers, we sincerely apologize for any trouble or confusion caused.
Oct 3, 13:00 EST

September 2014

Database Connection Issues
10:43am EST - Help Scout is down right now and we're investigating the problem, will update you as soon as we know more. 10:53am EST - We're back in business after roughly 10 minutes of downtime. The database unexpectedly ran low on available storage and we quickly increased storage to restore service again.
Sep 21, 10:43 EST
Docs Connection Issues
3:54pm EST - We've seen a couple of blips with Docs sites in the last 20 minutes, both lasting a 2-3 minutes. We're investigating what happened and will update this post when we know more. At this time Docs is up and running at full speed. 4:10pm EST - From what we can tell, the blips originated with network timeouts on our storage service for files/images. This lead to timeouts with the Docs API. We've identified a few infrastructure improvements as a result of the trouble and we'll be implementing them in the next couple weeks.
Sep 16, 15:54 EST
[Scheduled] Database Maintenance
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Sep 7, 08:00-08:30 EST

August 2014

No incidents reported for this month.

July 2014

Scheduled maintenance on Sunday, July 27 @ 8am EST
Two days from now, on Sunday, July 27 at 8am EST, we're planning another round of database upgrades. We expect Help Scout to be offline for no more than an hour, hopefully less. This update, along with a few product improvements we've been making, should get us over the hump with regard to overall stability and application performance. We'll keep this and our twitter account up-to-date as it happens. 8:30am EST - The maintenance upgrades completed early and we're back online after 30 minutes. Happy Sunday!
Jul 27
2-minute maintenance window for database update
In our ongoing efforts to improve following last week's downtime, we'd like to deploy an improvement to the database this evening. Up to 2 minutes of downtime is possible, although it could very well be less. If you run into any trouble, give it two minutes and it should be all clear.
Jul 22
Network connection issue (4 minutes)
11:30am EST - We're investigating a network problem and will let you know the moment we have more 11:34am EST - All is back to normal now. 12:15pm EST - After thorough investigation, it seems the brief outage was the result of a network issue with our hosting provider. All systems on this end continued to operate normally. This was not at all related to the issues faced last week, just seems to have been bad timing.
Jul 21
Database connection issues and application slowness (1h 15m downtime)
9:14am EST - We're investigating connection issues with the website and will update you when we know more. 9:18am EST - Everything is back. We believe this and the last one were similar and have a good idea of what the problem is. Of course we'll work to resolve it as soon as possible. Sorry for the momentary trouble! 10:12am EST - Noticing more connection issues and are not able to reach the database, investigating. 10:14am EST - The issue cleared up quickly. Our systems are under high load right now and we're keeping a very close eye on things. 10:56am EST - We've been dealing with some slow performance from high load for the last 90 minutes or so. It seems like things are leveling off at the moment and we'll keep you posted of any further irregular activity. 12:45pm EST - Performance issues persist as a result of extraordinarily high load today. All hands are on deck to stabilize the service and we'll post any updates here. 1:15pm EST - Connections from about 12:40pm EST were mostly timing out and stabilized around 1:10pm EST. We continue to monitor the situation and do everything in our power to get performance back to normal. 1:30pm EST - It feels like we have today's issues solved, as the last 20 minutes have been quiet under normal load. Worldwide page load time is back down to 1.4 seconds, which is right where we usually are. Any other abnormal activity will be reported here as it happens. 1:50pm EST - We're down again, more info momentarily ... 2:10pm EST - Systems are back up but running more slowly again, we're continuing to investigate the problem. 2:30pm EST - We're back to normal performance levels once again ... more info is on the way as to what happened. 2:34pm EST - Back at 1:10pm EST when the system stabilized, we were able to get to that point by taking a bunch of web servers offline, upgrading them and restarting. In the chaos of getting things back up, we mistakenly misconfigured one of the settings having to do with local file storage. The servers quickly ran out of disk space, causing another outage. We had to take them offline one more time, make the settings change and restart to get things back to normal. It still feels like the problem was resolved at 1:30pm, but we made a mistake in the heat of the moment trying to get everything back. Now that the mistake is resolved, we're really hoping any performance issues are behind us for the day. 6:37pm EST - We're experiencing slowness and timeouts again and are investigating. 7:57pm EST - In order to resolve the connectivity issues experienced throughout the day, we've scheduled emergency maintenance at 10:00pm EST for 30 minutes. We're continuing to monitor all systems and will post any updates here in the meantime. 9:37pm EST - Page load times are still hovering around 6 seconds, well above average. The engineering team is still planning for a 30-minute maintenance window starting in 23 minutes. We're also working on an email to customers explaining the events of today. More as we get going with the emergency maintenance here in a bit ... 10:27pm EST - Emergency maintenance has been completed. We've still got most of the team online and watching everything closely. At the moment all systems are go and average page load time is down to 1.3 seconds. 12:00am EST on July 17 - Things have been quiet since the emergency maintenance but we're keeping a close eye on all system operations through the evening. Summary - We estimate total downtime for today at 1 hour, 15 minutes. Elevated page load times and overall sluggish performance lasted about 6 hours cumulatively. This was a really painful day for all of us and on behalf of the whole team, we sincerely apologize for the issues today.
Jul 16

June 2014

Incoming email delays
12:27pm EST: We're investigating incoming email forwarding delays. It seems to be taking 5-30 minutes for forwarded emails to arrive in your Help Scout mailbox. Will update this post as we learn more. 1:30pm EST: After restarting a couple of mail servers and increasing their capacity, we seem to be back at 100%. We don't have any reason to believe data was lost at any point ... only delayed for up to 30 minutes at times.
Jun 30, 12:27 EST

May 2014

Temporary CDN issue impacting some customers
6:55pm EST - Since about 5:00pm EST, a small portion of our customer base has been having trouble loading a javascript file specific to the conversation view page. Without the file, the top toolbar and customer sidebar do not display properly. We're investigating now. 7:20pm EST - We were able to resolve the file issue by doing a fresh deployment and are back at 100%. Tonight we learned that there's not enough monitoring in place to account for critical files on the CDN. Our response time would have been better if we were monitoring these files more closely. We'll add the proper monitoring and will be able to catch this error immediately if it happens again in the future. So sorry for the trouble!
May 24, 18:55 EST
OpenDNS false phishing report
10:25am EST- At roughly 11pm EST last night, we started seeing customer reports that was being blocked as a phishing site by the browser. After thorough investigation, we discovered a false positive report that was submitted to the OpenDNS website Since this is a block happening at the browser level and our systems are running normally, none of our monitoring has been helpful in alerting the dev team to the problem. This issue is only visible to a small group of customers, but if you see it, you can bypass it by temporarily disabling phishing protection. Google Chrome users can do so by following the instructions in this link. Firefox users can temporarily disable phishing protection by opening your preferences screen, clicking on the Security tab, and unchecking the boxes that say, "Block reported attack sites" and "Block reported web forgeries". Reload in your browser at that time and you should be able to access Help Scout. We are currently pursuing every possible channel to contact OpenDNS and have this block removed. It's deeply concerning that one organization can have such power over our service and we will pursue every avenue to prevent this from happening again. 12:45pm EST- The OpenDNS block has been removed and all customers should be set now. Sorry again for the trouble! We're now working with OpenDNS to see how we can prevent this from happening again and have lots of good ideas. Thanks for your patience. 5/16 - The good folks at OpenDNS have whitelisted our domain so that we don't run into this situation again.
May 6, 10:25 EST

April 2014

No incidents reported for this month.

March 2014

Docs Outage
7:25am EST - As of about 2:30am EST this morning, the Docs database went down and was not accessible for users or visitors to Docs sites. For some reason our systems did not alert us to the problem until now and we are looking to resolve as fast as possible. 7:38am EST - Docs is back up and fully functional. Due to the length of this outage and our extremely late start, we will be emailing customers a full explanation as to what happened and how we'll prevent this in the future.
Mar 27, 07:25 EST
Connection Issues (15 minutes)
5:20pm EST - Help Scout is experiencing some connection issues. We're investigating and will post updates as they are available. 5:35pm EST - We were having database connection issues for roughly 15 minutes and seem to be on top of the problem now. The application is back at 100% and we're still investigating what happened.
Mar 26, 17:20 EST